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Welcome to The Center for Earth Light Healing

Healing Light...Follow the Path to Your Own True Essence...

The Center For Earth Light Healing is a shamanic community of teachers and shamanic practitioners who share their healing work with those seeking healing from a shaman in Maine, or who wish to pursue further studies in shamanism through attending shamanic workshops and programs in the State of Maine. We teach introduction to shamanic studies as well as advanced shamanic healing and initiations. If you live out of state, we offer long distance healing services and are happy to talk with you about how we might serve you.

Dory Cote, Shamanic Healer from Brunswick, Maine founded The Center for Earth Light Healing in 2007 after being in private practice as a shamanic healer for many years. In addition to a broad range of healing services, The Center for Earth Light Healing provides workshops in shamanism as well as leading rituals, ceremonies and gatherings. Dory has invited other teachers with specific gifts to join her at The Center for Earth Light Healing. You can read more about Dory Cote and others in the "About Us" section of this website.

The Center for Earth Light Healing offers the following healing services, ceremonies and rituals:

Soul Healing for what isn't working in your life

Dory CoteEver since the dawn of human history, tribes and communities have had shamans. A shaman is a person who is profoundly aware that the world is alive with spirits and spiritual energy, and who does something with that knowledge.

Shamans dedicate their lives to their vocation. They sacrifice themselves for their people and spend many years acquiring knowledge and skills that take even longer to comprehend.

The word “Shaman” comes from the tradition of the Tingus tribe of Siberia, and means: "a healer & magician."He or she recognizes that the spirits of the mountains, the rivers, the ancestors, and all of the other spirits who share our world are available to us here and now.

Shamans study the ways of the “old people” and of those who have gone before us, and finds ways to communicate with the spirits all around them. They learn to travel among the spirits by entering into a trance state. They ask the spirits for help with healing, and learn to understand and assist the dance of life, the great dance of which we are all part.

Shamanism has been practiced for tens of thousands of years in North America, South and Central America, Greenland, Africa, The Pacific, Europe, Australia, Siberia, Russia, the Far East, and in classical times in the Middle East.